West Texas Justices of the
Peace and Constables
Membership in the West Texas JPCA

An association of professionals fails to function without an
active, dedicated membership base.  As we look forward to
the years ahead, there are numerous challenges facing
Justices of the Peace and Constables throughout West
Texas and the State of Texas as a whole.  Some of these
issues may include, but will certainly not be limited to, the

  • Adjustments in monetary jurisdictional limits;
  • Changes in truancy and other juvenile delinquency
  • Increasing budgetary demands due to rising caseloads;
  • Changes in private process service that could affect
    the security and integrity of the court process itself;
  • Changes in educational requirements for Judges,
    Constables, Clerks, and Juvenile Case Managers.

In support of our flagship organization, the JPCA of Texas,
and in best serving the interests of our own JP and
Constable offices in West Texas, we call out to all Justices of
the Peace, Constables, Clerks, and Deputy Constables in
West Texas to join both the West Texas JPCA and JPCA of

Once on board, stay in close contact with West Texas JPCA  
leaders so that we can share ideas and legislative proposals,
and also band together to make our voices heard on
legislation that we feel will negatively affect us as a whole.

Last but certainly not least, join for the camaraderie and
training that come annually during our association
conferences.  The level of networking that can be achieved
through these associations will become priceless to you as
you continue serving your constituents.  

Click on the link below for the membership registration forms
for both the West Texas JPCA and JPCA of Texas.

West Texas JPCA Membership Form

JPCA of Texas Membership Application Form